Oslo Mote a.k.a Oslo Fashion

Photographer: Brian K

Fam Irvoll på Oslo Fashion Week

If you like it cute by K-Y-M
If you like it cute and colorful Fam Irvoll’s knits and designs might make you go ‘weee’! Making ‘kids clothes for adults’, she gives it a sexy edge and her graduate collection featured knitted cupcake necklaces, mice and her singature… polkadots. I cant help but think that in a cartoon world of London fashion she would be the innocent cartoon princess and Gareth Pugh the evil queen. So if you have a little girl in you too like I do, Fam has been showing on home territory at Oslo Fashion Week the past August.” -kctv.co.uk

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Gender Free fashion! Does it exist? Visit the Queer Fashion Show at the Villa in Oslo on Friday and find out.

The Queer Fashion Show is a pre-event to Oslo Queer Festival that will be held August 14-16. ^^ Yeah I know....we lost it :( ^^

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