Trust me...

... you're gonna get over it, no matter what this is ...

just read this, I'm sure you're gonna find it useful ;)

(what follows is an abstract from a conversation...)


- "I feel destroyed."

- "It probably doesn't help to know it right now, but you WILL get through this. You'll actually even feel better someday. In the future. You'll feel completely different."

- "I don't want to."

- "Nope. We never do. We love like crazy and it seems like if we lose that love, we'll shrivel up and die, which would be a blessing. But no man's worth us ending up dead, no matter who he is. And anyway, things don't happen that way in the real world. We just muddle on. We finally get through it. Then we're whole again."

- "I don't WANT to be whole."

- "Not right now. Right now you want to grieve. The strength of your grieving marks the strength of your love. And letting grief go when the time comes to do it honours that love. That's what I believe."


The conclusion is left to you.
What's your feedback about breakups and heart breaks?
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